Audit and internal control

Ensuring compliance

Ensuring compliance

On-site interventions, particularly in retail and hospitality environments

Our fifteen years of experience have enabled us to develop expertise in the field, particularly in conducting internal audits in boutiques and hotels.
We regularly update our guidelines to keep abreast of the latest technologies and best practices in these fields.

Support tailored to your financial, social and environmental needs

After a careful study of your needs, we deploy an effective review strategy for your various sites:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Field audit
    • Observation of different practices;
    • Interviews with operational staff;
    • Compliance with group procedures where applicable;
    • Benchmark against best market practices;
  • Drafting of a summary of findings and recommendations (shared locally and passed on to the Group).

Control procedures

Control procedures

Internal control
The foundation of good organization
Guaranteeing safety and correct risk management
Reduce exposure to internal risks (business process failures, business continuity planning) and external risks (reputation, etc.)
Internal Audit

It is used to verify the correct application of internal procedures and the investigation of operations identified as sensitive (suspicion of fraud or money laundering, etc.).

Why choose BAMS ?

Our experienced consultants are familiar with the hotel and retail sectors, both in terms of finance and internal control, and will provide real support for your teams. They will be a driving force behind your proposals, thanks to their initiative, adaptability and knowledge of the business (large and medium-sized groups).

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Customized support

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Human size

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