Financial audit

For us, the certification of your company’s accounts goes far beyond a signature. Auditing is about providing confidence, making financial information reliable and issuing useful recommendations.


Legal audit
Contractual audit
Due Diligence
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Legal audit mission in the context of the certification of annual accounts.


Customized review of the company’s accounts according to your needs.


360° acquisition audit through a thorough analysis of the company’s situation.

Why choose BAMS for your audit missions?

Choosing the expertise of BAMS & Associés for your audit missions is the assurance of having an available and experienced team to carry out your projects.

BAMS & Associés uses the Intelligent Audit software, specialized in data exploitation: analysis of the FEC file, detection of accounting inconsistencies including duplicate payments. It also allows to follow the progress of the mission and it provides a collaborative portal clients / firm.

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